Sawyer / Lumber stacker extraordinaire: Ted De Gros


About Fog City Sawyer:

Fog City Sawyer is owned and operated solely by myself, Ted De Gros.

I am an ex-professional skateboarder, video game junkie, full time Arborist, landscape architecture enthusiast, furniture craftsman, piano tinkerer, new dad and sawyer...........when I can tear myself away from the video games.  Also, my wife is making me add cat lover.  I prefer cat whisperer.

I have been a full time arborist for 8 years. I caught the wood working bug many years ago, and my daily routine of feeding large beautiful logs into chippers was too much to bear, so I bought a sawmill. Now, instead of feeding the logs into chippers, I can feed them through my sawmill and share the many gems I run into with my fellow wood working addicts.